Jacob Hamilton - Guitar + Singing
Ryan Crunch - Bass + backups
Big Time - Drums

Cops Win
The Stock Market Is My Garden


Dead Tank Records
People's Republic of Rock'n'Roll

Environmental Youth Crunch

St Augustine's Environmental Youth Crunch digs Woody Guthrie, CCR, swimming, camping, bikes, making their own fuel and beer, all outdoors Florida has to offer, and sings about Florida environmental politics. EYC plays pop punk rock. They talk about ideas important to them between songs-rare around here these days given the swell to embrace the nightlife and not the day we've got to navigate too. EYC steers through both fluidly and with purpose. They offer ideas and actions towards something heavy directly affecting us and they do it in their sweaty underwear.

Let's Ride is their first full length album. Let's Ride our rusty bikes into the ocean. . .Let's Ride on biodiesel touring throughout Florida. . . Let's Ride in opposition to those Disney cowboy chumps on the cover in the rodeo to overdevelop EYC's beloved state.



Let's Ride
CD Released Summer 2007
LP Released by Dead Tank &
Bring Back the Magic

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