A Bakery Outlet Sampler
BAKO-COMP 1, Released Fall 2007

A compilation of tracks from all the past, present and future Bakery Outlet releases.

1. Tubers: Ambulate from "Shell Out" cd/lp bako-14
2. Ten Volt Shock: Superflexx from "Singles" cd bako-2.5
3. Des_Ark: Send Jolley to Raleigh from "Loose Lips Sink Ships" lp bako-4
4. Reactionary 3: Teflon Poisoning from forthcoming cd bako-18
5. Old Growth: Waste the Day from "Under the Sun" cd/lp bako-17
6. Environmental Youth Crunch: The Stock Market is My Garden from "Let's Ride" cd bako-15
7. Ten Volt Shock: On the List from "6 Null 3" cd/lp bako-11
8. Science of Yabra: Reunion Machine from Split 7" w/Old Growth bako-12
9. Verde: Priorities from "The Undeserved Current" cd bako-9
10. Matty Pop Chart: Snow Creature from "Everyone Does Everything" lp bako-16
11. Solid Pony: Hitch and a Headlight from "Collar to Cuff" cd/lp bako-13
12. Emperor X: Colorado Stillsuit from bako-19
13. The Beat Buttons: The Simple from "s/t" cd/lp bako-8
14. Erin Tobey: Secret Letters from "s/t" cd/lp bako-7
15. Reactionary 3: Autoimmune from forthcoming cd bako-18
16. Ten Volt Shock: Be Cruel from "s/t" cd bako-2
17. 12 Hr Turn: This Papermill is Getting to Me (alt. version) from "Expense of Flight" cd bako-20
18. Tubers: Sounds Outside from "s/t" cd/lp bako-3
19. Old Growth: Walking Talking from "s/t" cd/lp bako-6
20. Cassette: The Tempest from "s/t" cd/lp bako-5
21. Solid Pony: Enemy Trails from "Life's Gonna Eat Us" cd/lp bako-1
22. Verde: Translucent (unreleased)
23. Sister: Forty Days (unreleased)
24 Citrus for the Fall: Crux Fixture (unreleased)
25. The Skorts: Pull at the Stem from "7 Song Demonstration 2003"
26. Kids on Bikes: Stolen Bike (unreleased)
27. Union Jack Knives: Machete and Me (unreleased)