Matt Tobey- Guitar, Piano, etc.
+ Singing
with help from
Justin Vollmar, BZ Gibbs, Will Statler, Ginger Alford,
and Amina Althea

Oh Mercy Sakes

Matty Pop Chart

Matt is a Tobey. Brother to Erin. One of them once told me they do not descend from any immediate artistic talent. I think it's a lie. They seem to successfully do anything they set out to do on their own--write thoughtful songs, birth the cover art, tour, the whole trip--and inspire people through every step. Here is Matty's second album, bringing us further along his way to recording songs through brilliant, light instrumentation narrating dreams and hesitations. But they are indeed only hesitations since we have this album in hand. Why write a solo album? After all, thats the thing to do lately. Everything's been done! It's all a cycle. What makes it important is the individual perspective. Now you can see through Matty's eyes and also do something of your own as the screwballs on the cover art suggest!



Everyone Does Everything

LP released Fall 2007
CD released by Plan-It-X Records

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