John Magnifico - Singing + Guitar
Ben Muha - Drums + Singing
Luke Clements - Bass + Singing


Bloody Knuckle Beach
Hey Young

Wasted The Day
Southern Charm

The Black Hole
Born to Burn

Old Growth

Old Growth/12XU split 7"
Old Growth gives 2 new songs splintering in either direction from their full length offerings. Luke sings the aggressive almost Yabra-like "Hey Young" with guitar representing both traditional and indie solos. "A Year in the Dirt" brings additional strings in the way of violin and vocal melody backed by female counterpart to form a perfected midpace pop number. Lyon France's 12XU shows that members of Daitro can write quite a different tune pointing to simplified well formed punk rock the way it was originally recognized some decades ago. 2 straight forward soulful numbers provide a great followup to their own 2 7"s already in existence. One Rick Froberg was commissioned for cover illustration and lyrics come to you in tongues of English and French. Si! I mean Oui! This record also comes with download card for digital punks.

"Under the Sun" CD/LP
Portland Oregon's Old Growth gives "Under the Sun" as their second full length. It continues the conversation, as band name and cover suggest, of embracing the beauty our flawed origins have given and filtering out the intolerance as best we can so we can return to them without remorse. It is a voice illuminating the pavement and the creation we all continue to have made. It offers light on classic subjects of troubled love, work, habit, time and more importantly the topic of rejuvenation through exposure to natural light and things not constructed by machines. This is no hippie bullshit. Yes punks, connection to nature is the answer. Musically the band carries on with more decisive punk rock'n'roll drive this time still with catch and southern lens. "Under the Sun" is the salve to a double worked under fluorescent lights and a crack in the wall to see your way out of there. --Rich

Old Growth/Science of Yabra-split 7"
Old Growth play punk rock'n'roll and hold an appreciation for all those who blazed the way from buddy holly to dead moon. Science of Yabra is post punk that drives not unlike jehu. Both are from portland. They also share a member and a recent european tour, for which this record offering was intended. These are new songs from the bands until each release new LPs in the near future.

Old Growth write stripped-down, straightforward, sometimes tragic, songs of life, to which John Magnifico (Twelve Hour Turn) brings full chords from his guitar and rediscovers melody in his voice. John's lyrics parallel his songs - simple in form, but revealing an incredible depth of narrative that could easily be overlooked. Old Growth's sound is something like Uncle Tupelo, or Wire's early rock'n'roll numbers. Luke's (Science of Yabra) bass drives in line with Ben's mid-tempo drumming and backing vocals which fill in the right spaces. Ben also adds a few of his own songs, singing up front while nodding to the Ramones or the Stooges. Old Growth plays punk rock'n'roll - taking theirs and others' past to make tradition fresh: "It was childhood living... I won't take it back, I won't erase." - Rich


Old Growth "Out of the Sand and Into the Streets"

Out of the Sand and

Into the Streets

Forthcoming LP Winter 2010
split release w/Echo Canyon

Old Growth/12XU split 7" Split 7" with 12XU
Released Summer 2009
split release with Pure Pain Sugar

Under the Sun
CD Released Spring 2008

LP Released Summer 2009

Split 7" with Science of Yabra

released Fall 2006
split release with Deadtank Records


released Fall 2005

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