Sustainable Records!

We here at the Bakery Outlet are very concerned with the sustainability of creating thousands of CDs and LPs. We acknowledge that each record we make represents a great amount of plastic, paper and vinyl that is put into the world only to end up in a landfill somewhere down the line. Though we are really into the idea of producing music and art that we love to share, we'd like to do so as conscientiously as possible.

With each Bakery release, we try to use exclusively recycled or reclaimed packaging that is printed using vegetable-based inks. Many of the processes used to make conventional inks and papers result in unacceptable chemical biproducts which ultimately end up in the air, soil, and water. We'd like to make things in such a way to put as little of this chemical waste into the environment as possible, using as few resources as possible. We acknowledge that in choosing to mass produce records at all we are also choosing to compromise some of our values (CDs, records, and jewel cases are still made of incredibly toxic plastic, after all), but we are trying to make as shallow of a footprint as we can. We are always searching for new ideas and resources, so if you have any information to offer, please get in touch. In the future we hope to start a forum on this site for anyone interested to share info on this subject as well as on any other aspect of our lives whether it be housing, diet, organic gardening, transportation, other consumer goods, etc.

Sustainable Resources

  • Ross-Ellis - Canadian corporation that makes the packaging for many of the Bakery releases.
  • Imprint - Independent FL printshop & cd replicator which uses veggie inks and recycled paper that Bakery uses often.
  • Stumptown Printers - Portland, OR print shop that uses letterpress and offset print techniques to make environmentally-conscious, beautiful media packaging.
  • - Reclaimed jewel case resource.
  • GreenDisk - Reclaimed jewel case resource.
  • - Official site of the National Biodiesel Board.
  • Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems - Tour with vegetable oil in your diesel engine!
  • - Information on plastics & the environment.