Frank Otto - Guitar + Singing
Mario St–rkle - Bass
Markus Brengartner - Drums


People Get Settled
Forward Lines

On the List

Cracks on the Road
Be Cruel

The Incident



Ten Volt Shock

"6null3"-Ten Volt Shock is a noise-hardcore-punk band from Freiburg, Germany. "6null3" is their second full length album. It is gritty and urgent, basic and unassuming, both forward and angular in its approach. Frank?s (guitar, vocals) band Kurt was a heavy influence on me in my formative years, and now Ten Volt Shock inspires me in much the same way. For fans of: Kurt, filthy bass, push/pull guitars, king kong drumming, and shredded vocal cords. Tschuuuusssssieeee!-Rich
S/T-Comprised of members of Kurt, Ten Volt Shock's songs are highly energetic and have the unique combination of brute force and intelligence. Inventive drumming and guitar lines, coupled with perhaps the nastiest sounding bass in the western hemisphere = a drag-you-through-the-dirt intensity. Plus they are from Germany's Black Forest, which might be one of the toughest-sounding places a person could claim as home. This self-titled cd is the first full-length release from the band, and is available on vinyl through X-Mist/Christopher's Records (Germany). - Lenny
S/T-The debut album by Freiburg's finest rockers, including Frank of KURT ... and since it's always difficult to describe your own records, let's quote a fine review from the USA: "Layers of noise flesh out the trebly bass and drums bones of this German noise-hardcore band, while the throaty, semi-distorted screams and harmonic feedback from KURT vocalist/guitarist Frank adds the epidermis. So sure, this sounds a bit like KURT; but its brutality hits like a hammer instead of a midnight intruder! - X-Mist


78 Hours

CD/LP released Fall 2010 by Bakery Outlet, X-Mist, Salon Alter Hammer, and The Screaming Mimi

Ten Volt Shock "6 null 3" 6 Null 3

CD/LP released Fall 2006 by Bakery Outlet, X-Mist, & Dead Tank



CD released Summer 2005 by Bakery Outlet
LP relelased Summer 2005 by X-Mist

Ten Volt Shock singles Singles Collection

CD self-released in 2003
Distributed in the US by Bakery Outlet

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