Rich Diem - Singing + Guitar
Jeff McNally - Bass + Singing
Jacob Hamilton - Drums + Singing
Matt Sweeting - Guitar + Singing


Anachronous CD/LP


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Recorded by Rob McGregor
at Golden Tone Studios Spring-Summer 2009

Produced by Var. Vocals by Ashley Fee

BAKO-28/NIR 262/Echo 4

Split 7"

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BAKO-21, Released Summer 2008

Shell Out CD/LP

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Recorded by Lenny Rutland at Electriclennyland spring 2007


BAKO-14, Released Summer 2007

Self-Titled CD/LP

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BUY CD:$5.00


BAKO-3, Released Summer 2005

Recorded by Rob McGregor at Goldentone Studios, Gainesville, FL. Additional musicians: Leonard Rutland, David Diem, Travis Fristoe, Rob McGregor.


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Tubers are a three piece band from St. Augustine, Florida, comprised of members of Twelve Hour Turn and The South. They play punk rock that is immediate, thoughtful and affecting, which will doubtless be appreciated by those who enjoy early DC hardcore, and bands like the Wipers. This record really grooves! - Lenny

Tubers combine the angular melodies and creative songcrafting of Twelve Hour Turn with the honesty and youthful insurgency of The South! Heavily influenced by early DC bands such as Rites of Spring, Dag Nasty, and Gray Matter, the Tubers create exciting new music that is accompanied by thoughtful, poignant lyrics. Just plain awesome! For fans of rooted vegetables, frontside airs, and Florida springs. - Ryan Murphy (No Idea Records, True North)

About a year ago now, Rich & I were walking the dirty, cracked sidewalks of England. True North had gone on without us, but we had our own agendas of good food & econo-entertainment. On such a walk I asked Rich what kind of music he was playing now that he lived across the way in St. Augustine.

Last time I'd seen Rich play, he was doing sweet acoustic songs with Andy. He told me that now he had 2 electric projects going - one of someone elseís songs (which was fun in an I-don't-have-to-sing-or-write-lyrics-or-music way) & one with 2 friends that was more like what heíd done before. I was excited to hear both. 

It was some more months before I saw either of these new bands play. Both Tubers & Solid Pony were worth the wait. Just unpretentious songs from genuinely nice fellows. Which isn't as rare as it sounds these days. Especially when you factor in smaller amps, personal lyrics & printing on recycled paper with vegetable inks.

I like that when Rich tells me about something (whether buying a house; starting a record label or making sure students at his school get at least one nutritious meal a day), then I know it's solid. Like the heartiness of their food name, these Tubers have taken from their local soil - Florida gators, shells & oranges painted by mom and stitched by grandmom; photos of their father surfing, even lyrics from their grandmom - and reposited them anew amidst the 3-piece sway of their songs. The songs crest and crash like the shore that's so much a part of St. Augustine. Nature metaphors can be cheezy, I know, but will you deny the sublime sea?

Again, all this sounds like a litany of small compliments, but in these days of compromise & political embarrassment, being a person of your word means a goddamn lot. Meaning, when your friend asks you to write a few words about their new album, you don't blow it off & go to the local bar. You stay up that night & write as the test-press of their songs play back to you.

-Travis Magoo (Obscurist Press, America? zine)

"Shell Out" CD/LP
Tangible things break. They are instruments to help you along your way not intended for an end. Tubers knows this as well as anybody: their instruments break on them as though habitually, paths are rerouted like clockwork, and vehicles with the best intentions and cleanest burning fuel do not go. This is only a reminder there are more important things to sing about-the tangible mark we leave behind, how we define ourselves in real and inebriated ways, addictions, the spaces we make in our community, and those that pave our way. Tubers is a power trio. Three parts more fully equalized in this second album. They once played in Twelve Hour Turn and The South. They try to stay in the green room. They are credited with being the first and only surf-emo group but would like to be thought of as a punk band.

Anachronous cd/lp

St. Augustine, FL’s Tubers, features current and former members of Twelve Hour Turn, Asshole Parade, Strikeforce Diablo and a laundry list of other bands. Organic creations, blooming beneath the soil while drawing nutrients from their surroundings, soon to be unearthed, cooked, and consumed by native populations. Also, Floridian slang for two populations. The first; those who float upon inflatable inner tubes in aimless, lackadaisical delight down the state’s many freshwater springs. The second; those who seek adventure tucked away in the innermost furl of a wave just before it washes ashore. Finally, four long-time friends who make music for the purpose of challenging themselves and hopefully those around them. They draw inspiration from their namesakes and channel these feelings through guitars, throats, and drums. All four offer considerable musical and lyrical contributions, creating a unified and representative front that defies the traditional “primary songwriter” model. Angular riffs swerve throughout the mix atop surf-influenced rhythms, with the aggressive trappings of previous efforts remaining apparent but not overbearing. They speak in dialects and metaphors, fluctuating seamlessly amongst obtuse structures, shifting momentums, and rolling cascades. If one were to label them as the first surf-emo band, they would not be offended, but would prefer to be thought of simply as a punk band. Anachronous is their latest symphony; a complete sound and thought; the attainment of tones, measures, and breaths long-sought; and a disparate discourse on hope, rage, and grace.